Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Luxury Villas, Indonesia

Renting a Luxury Villa in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia is the ultimate in luxury accommodation. This island is a paradise that takes a person to untouched beauty. Fortunately, it retains the best of the modern world. Sit around and enjoy lovely pools and a pleasant island breeze. Ubud offers gorgeous rentals in this center of Bali culture, a prime location for visitors enjoying this beautiful part of the world. 
This island with decades of history is also one of the most luxurious places in the world to visit and with villas to match. The palace of the royal family “Sukawati” is located in Ubud, among some of the finest real estate in the world. Tiki roofs, swimming pools and immense history surrounding luxury homes. 
Forest are lush and large windows let in lovely outdoor scenery, creating spectacular backdrops for anyone renting a luxury villa in Ubud. List the number of guests, chose a villa with the number of bedrooms needed and be prepared to enter a world of privilege. Homes are spacious, with rooms filled with comfortable furnishings and all the amenities of a luxury palace.
 Accommodations have house cleaner service, with linens and dishes provided. Catered dining is available or prepare your own. Have a banana pancake breakfast before sailing off on an Ubud adventure from luxury accommodations. Rooms are lavishly decorated with beautiful linens and unique table settings, giving visitors a pampering experience. Bring friends and family to a place where everywhere is luxurious. A vacation in a luxury rental in Ubud, Bali will top all others. It is great to treat yourself to nothing but the best in luxury travel.

  • Restaurant at Kintamani Volcano 
  • Visit the Sukawati Royal Palace 
  • Visit Ancient Temples 
  • Take Advantage of Photographic Opportunities 
  • Swim 
  • Golf 
  • Day Tours by Car 
  • Walks 
  • Sacred Monkey Forest 
  • Cookouts 
  • Horseback Ride 
  • Visit the Kintamani Volcano 
  • Visit Shops on Monkey Forest Road 
  • Observe Craftsmen

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Biltmore Estate

Biltmore Estate
One of my favorite places.
This is one of my favorite places. The house is quite unique. It is like something out of a fairytale. I was stunned when I first saw it. I just knew we were lost as we drove up to the house the driveway was so long .It was at the top of the Summer heat and the deep south is like a steam bath but those mountains that surround the estate make you want to stay. It is so cool in spite of the heat, and humidity I have not yet had a chance to stay at the hotel on the property but God willing I do look forward to the opportunity. I stumbled across Biltmore through a jigsaw puzzle. It was cold when I did the puzzle and seeing this lovely house or even having any idea as to what it was called was not a thought of mine. I was traveling picked up a brochure and there it was, a place I knew I had to see. The flowers are in bloom now. Maybe I will get to take some pictures. ALWAYS DREAM you never know what will be.

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ATLANTIS-Paradise Island

ATLANTIS-Paradise Island
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Take A Cruise- For No Reason

Take A Cruise- For No Reason
Unwind-Montego Bay Jamaica


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