Saturday, April 26, 2008


I am back with another Mother's Day gift idea. Movie passes, food gift certificates. Perhaps a surprise dinner with no cleanup afterwards along with the solitude to watch her favorite video.Kids, shock your mom and clean up your room.Take the time to let her know that she is appreciated.Someday you will be glad you did.


It is almost Mothers day,and a trip to a spa might be just what the Doctor ordered .It doesn't matter if it is right around the block across town or at some really gorgeous resort.Any pampering break is always welcome.A babysitter and a few hours to get away so that she can remember who and what she is . Not just mom, housekeeper,chauffeur,and the like. Remember to allow her to decide when she will take this getaway,so that she can really get the full effect of the escape.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Pick a city for dinner. As gas prices go up it is sometimes difficult to drive long distances. Most of us have family and friends who live close by. The weather is getting warmer ,and it is great to see them. How wonderful would this be for a mini vacation.

A Zoo trip ,Botanical Gardens, a trip to the Aquarium afterwards dinner with friends and family. Do this while learning more about your area of the world and the people who are most important to you. It is always interesting to me when I say something from a long gone era that was taught to me by my grandparents and a little one looks confused.

A mini vacation in areas close to home gives you access to friends and family who hold a wealth of unwritten information and so much more. Vacations to far away places are always great, but sharing a sandwich and a soda with large numbers of family and friends is such a recharge to our emotional batteries. As always, YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


It has been a rather busy day today.The rigor of everyday living.Taking care of scrapes and bruises,bringing home the bacon,saving the world,just the regular stuff.It is the time of year I think of a cruise getaway. I think about a cruise in winter too,but the weather usually discourages me,that excuse sounds good, so I will run with that.Anyway,after being on a ship for a few days I discover how much I really need to relax.There is something about the water ,the sun,and the whole atmosphere of relaxation that is so good for you. Not to mention the fact that you have prepaid for everything ,that is so so liberating. Well ,moving on to the good stuff. A spa treatment, shows , overall ,giving yourself a legitimate reason to do nothing. Go ahead .Put your pennies together and go enjoy yourself ,and as always , YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION!

Friday, April 11, 2008


I watch the weather and I think of the times I have visited New Orleans.I find myself thinking fondly of the city. Their is no where in the world quite like it. I remember the first time I saw Canal St. I thought how wide it was. I also remember my mouth dropping wide open when I saw a person of little attire swinging through a window in the Bourbon St.area. I think of the Candy factory and the singing . The River Boat rides,Sugar Plantations, and of course Ponchartrain. When I was told you could not see land from the middle of the bridge I thought they were kidding ,but it was true because I tried my best ,and the water is the same color as the Carribean. I would also go to New Orleans to eat. Not being a great cook ,I looked forward to the culinary creativity of New Orleans.I have also found myself going to New Orleans to just do nothing,perhaps due to the mood of THE BIG EASY.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Viewing the world from the comfort of my arm chair with a cup of hot chocolate and the television remote I think of the snowstorm in Dakota . Quite common I suppose one would say , but when I think of covered wagons , people on horseback ,walking in that kind of weather ,without the benefit of cell phone ,radio , heater , cars , and a helicopter rescue team if need be . I think of the strength and courage it must have taken to travel this land. The least I can do is go look at it,gas prices and all. Dream, and keep in mind WE LIVE THEIR DREAM...

Friday, April 4, 2008


This is great. I have always been accused of talking too much and now I get to talk to the whole world. One thing about this is somebody out there talks as much as I do.Who,Who.Step right up.Now some very organized person will say you are talking about nothing. Well that is exactly the point ,to just relax and dream, and in the process of just talking about nothing we will find the answers to something. Oh ,and I get to practice my typing too. Give someone a smile,it is such a gift in todays fast moving world. Oh,if you have time stop in and say hello, any language , I have a book.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Going places and trying my best not to lose sight of what is really important.Thank GOD looking is still free. I found this on the web .Hope someone else enjoys it. Be sure to take a few minutes to stop and look. It is ok you have my permission. SMILE...
Local traveling is a very good thing to get into. Take the time to see the things you drive by everyday and have been meaning to take a look at. Learn more about the history of your neck of the woods. It could surprise you.Check out what is in your backyard and travel.

Biltmore Estate

Biltmore Estate
One of my favorite places.
This is one of my favorite places. The house is quite unique. It is like something out of a fairytale. I was stunned when I first saw it. I just knew we were lost as we drove up to the house the driveway was so long .It was at the top of the Summer heat and the deep south is like a steam bath but those mountains that surround the estate make you want to stay. It is so cool in spite of the heat, and humidity I have not yet had a chance to stay at the hotel on the property but God willing I do look forward to the opportunity. I stumbled across Biltmore through a jigsaw puzzle. It was cold when I did the puzzle and seeing this lovely house or even having any idea as to what it was called was not a thought of mine. I was traveling picked up a brochure and there it was, a place I knew I had to see. The flowers are in bloom now. Maybe I will get to take some pictures. ALWAYS DREAM you never know what will be.

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ATLANTIS-Paradise Island

ATLANTIS-Paradise Island
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Take A Cruise- For No Reason

Take A Cruise- For No Reason
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Traveling has always been a part of learning. Men have traveled to find a better way of life to find food and to visit friends. In doing so the world has become a smaller place. We travel and we learn with hands on experience, and in the process we grow.