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Welcome to Port Charlotte: Living in a place with the look of an island paradise and the comfort of the big city is easy when the place is Port Charlotte, FL. If you have a boat, the marinas offer great parking, practically at your backdoor. Take your boat out for the day and take in the scenery. Do a little fishing when you please and enjoy the variety of fish. If you do not have a boat, there are plenty of opportunities to rent one or to hires a full crew. Port Charlotte, FL is a beautiful area that blends nature with a flourishing community. It is listed as one of the best places to settle for retirement. The temperature is fantastic and the community                                                                            is filled with dozens of ways to relax.

 A Lifestyle for Work and Leisure:

The city offers an array of activities, golfing is a wonderful pastime with Riverwood as one of the leading courses available. It consists of 72 courses by Gene Bates. This property provides 6,939 yards and 133 slopes. In this city, dine out on land or sea. The variety of cuisine is a bit different from most places, including delicious alligator steak. Sail your boat or take in a baseball game. Port Charlotte, FL offers residents a variety of choices. The coastline is so diversified it makes you feel as if you are in other places in the world. Walk along the beach and feel the sand between your toes. Build sand castles or search for seashells. This area opens up many opportunities for starting a seafaring hobby.

The Charlotte, FL Community:

Port Charlotte, FL is filled with beautiful communities. Homes in the area range from $117,000 to $208,000 and up. Homes are available for investment, retirement or raising a family. The climate is wonderful and it is a great place for business. The location draws business and visitors from around the world. International presence prevents any lack of opportunity. However, residents avoid the clutter of big city living. The city is productive yet tranquil. Live a vacation lifestyle everyday in this community.

Have lunch among picturesque scenery and dance the night away in an island hideaway. The area has parks and cultural centers, shopping malls and boat rentals. Ollie’s Pond is a bird watchers paradise with Bachman’s Sparrows or lovely red- Cockaded Woodpeckers. It is easy to spot the reddish Egret or a lovely yellow breasted Prothonotary Warbler. The climate draws a large group of birds and other wild life, a natural habitat for many animals.

Featured Neighborhoods:

  • Park West
  • Seaside Farms
  • Hampton Park
  • Anchorage farms
  • South of Broad

Homes purchased in Port Charlotte offers a wide group of communities in the million-cost perspective. Many are custom home designs offering large living spaces and added amenities. Homeowners can stay as busy as they like or settle down for long walks.

You will enjoy:

The company of others enjoying the beauty of the area, it is a golfers dream. Sitting off the coast makes it a great place for deep-sea fishing or a day out in other tropical places. Enjoy the Fishermen’s Village P irate Fest in July. The Spring Spectacular starts in April and the 17th Annual Punta Gorda Sullivan Street Craft Festival, happens in September. The city has tons of things going on. The Venice Craft Festival is another event so pick your favorite or try them all. Getting outside is a great way to exercise.

 The Surroundings are enough to make a person never want to leave. The Amtrak station and two airports are within close proximity of the Port Charlotte community making transportation in and out of the city very convenient. Anyone traveling or visiting will find Port Charlotte a great destination.


  1. Charlotte Academy
  2. Charlotte harbor School
  3.  Myakka River Elementary
  4.  Peace River Elementary
  5. Kingsway Elementary
  6. Liberty Elementary
  7. Murdock middle School
  8. Port Charlotte Middle School
  9. Southwest Florida College

The locality has 10 public schools and several private schools available for people interested in the Port Charlotte school system. These facilities are in easy proximity of homes and businesses. Several Colleges are in the vicinity too with skill training ranging from medical to hospitality. This relaxed community has a wide variety of day cares and private educational schools.

 PHOTO highlighting Port Charlotte, FL

Staying active is important in staying healthy and events are plentiful in Port Charlotte. Take day cruises, go Para sailing or visit a few of the near by places. The beaches are fantastic and open for a wide range of activities. The temperatures are nice and warm with just enough rain to cool things off a bit, making it easy to get out and participate in an abundance of activity. Bicycling is another pastime this climate is good for and a great way to save on fuel.

 Utilities Companies:

 Direct TV
Time Warner
Charlotte County Utilities
Florida Power Light

 Cable providers, lawn care experts and basic gas, water and electricity companies are easy to locate, the same companies provide many basic utilities. The area has Port Charlotte utilities and Florida power & Lights providing utilities available to its public, animal control, cooperative extensions, elder helpline, evacuation zones and other facilities are provided by the county. Park and recreation is very active in caring for the many parks in the area and employs people in the area.

 PHOTO: Manufacturing Company;


 Jobs in, sales, repair and general maintenance are available in the area. Many people work from home. The Port is one of the largest in the US and offers positions. The medical profession is another source of employment in the Port Charlotte community.

Why Live in Port Charlotte FL:

Port Charlotte is a great spot to live. The state is filled with activities and people flock to the ocean each year by the thousands but as a resident, you are already there. The driving distance to other points is close and there is easy access to airports. Get access to shops you may not readily find, Cuban coffee shops or sandwich cafes. Every area has its specialties, and Port Charlotte is no different. It is a great place for walking and fishing all day. It is almost as good as being a member of an exclusive club, settled first by the Paleo Indians while hunting, wildlife is still attracted to the area.

Port Charlotte, FL is listed as one of America’s best places for retirement. Join the exclusive group of people fortunate enough to live in Port Charlotte, FL. If you are thinking of relocation this is a wonderful place to leave big city traffic and cold weather behind. Once you get to Port Charlotte it is easy to understand why many want to stay, and do. Making a spur of the moment to take a cruise is a luxury for the majority of the world but not for a Port Charlotte, Fl homeowner.

Article on Port Charlotte, Florida by: Banks Jefferson

Photos from page on Port Charlotte FL by Beth Braverman

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Biltmore Estate
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